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In a world where most people hide their problems, their issues and their sin, we want to create an environment where everyone, no matter where you are in your journey, knows that there is a place to receive the care you need.

Each Sunday, at the end of each service, there will be an opportunity to respond for a need for Care. There is a stigma attached to Care, but, we want to break through that! Care isn’t the fact that something is wrong (though it is, at times), Care means you simply have a next step to take and you’d like to talk and pray with a leader in our Church about your situation and receive care and guidance.

At Home Church, we CELEBRATE when people are bold enough to step our of their seat and take steps toward hope, healing and a breakthrough toward their next step.

We have trained staff and volunteers who are ready to provide spiritual and practical care and guidance for any situation you may be walking through. Allow us to help you on your journey and to receive the Care you really need.

During the week, email and we’ll connect you with one of our Pastors or Care Team members.

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