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Welcome Home! Home Church is a place that ANYONE can call HOME! Our heart is no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, that you can make Home Church a place that you can Believe, Reach, Build, Connect and Expect. We didn’t take the typical path to get here either!


Kenny Mills is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Home Church. Kenny and Katie Mills married in 2010 and now have three sons – Jackson, Jesse and Josiah. They are passionate about reaching people far from God and teaching them how to live, as they follow Jesus, step by step – is deep rooted in their DNA. This family has a heart to serve Denver, NC and beyond, with the life changing good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the transformative relationships that come from being connected to community through a Home Group.

After 17 years of work through the YMCA, Kenny stepped into full time ministry in 2013 as a Pastor at NewSpring Church (, one of the nation’s largest Churches. Along the journey, Kenny and Katie felt called to move back to the Charlotte are where both of their families live, to be able to raise their family around family.


In 2017, Kenny and Katie quit their jobs, moved back to the Charlotte area and into Katie’s parents’ basement with a newborn (Jackson) and began Ruins REBUILT, a coaching and consulting firm that was birthed to help Churches who were struggling and dying find new life and be REBUILT.

This eventually led Kenny and Katie to joining Vizion Church ( in 2018, led by Pastor Tyson Coughlin, where Kenny served as the Executive Pastor. During this season in life, Kenny and Katie had their twins (Jesse & Josiah) and God opened a door to become a Campus Pastor at the Cove Church in Denver.

Pastor Kenny wrote about what this move to Denver led to, by saying, “We are grateful for the trust and opportunity that Pastor Mike and Carey and the Cove Church gave us to move to Denver and begin to lead in this town – it’s changed us forever! God has used this to reveal a clear calling in our lives and He used it birthed Home Church.”


Beginning in October of 2019, God made it clear to Kenny that He was calling him to lead a Church, to Pastor a group of people and to use his gift of communication more fervently. Kenny shares that ‘God literally gave me the name of the Church, the vision and the values – He made it so plain that this is what He was calling us to do – he just simply asked me to begin to PREPARE.”

For 8 months, God began to prepare Pastor Kenny and Katie to transition and begin to plant Home Church. In the most improbable time- during the pandemic of 2020, they knew it was time. In October of 2020, exactly one year after Pastor Kenny heard the Lord speak this Church into existence into his heart, Home Church was set to launch.


Since October 2020 Home Church has been moving forward with the vision and mission God placed on our hearts and we are expecting God to do the unexpected in our Church, in our Town.

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To reach people far from God and teach them how to live, as they follow Jesus, step by step.



We Reach The Lost By Raising Up The Found
(Our drive is to develop disciples who personally evangelize and develop others into disciples)
Acts 2:47

We Believe Everyone Deserves To Belong To A Family
(Our desires to belong by being a part of a family invite us to lean into community that changes us)
Acts 2:42, 46

We Believe The Next Generation Matters Now
(Our investment in children, students and young adults that we make now will change the next generation of our city for the good)
Psalm 78:6

We Worship Like Jesus Is In The Room With Us
(Our worship leads us to find our purpose, fight our battles and it fuels our faith)
Isiah 43:21, 2 Chronicles 20:21, Hebrews 12:2

We Build The Kingdom At The Speed Of Sacrifice
(Our willingness to give of our time, talent and treasure creates the impact in our community that brings heaven to earth)
Acts 2:45

We Expect God To Do The Unexpected
(Our walk is full of expectation that God can and will allow us to see miracles)
Acts 2:43

2023 Home Church Annual Report.png

Each year, we pull together a snapshot of the previous year to give you a

look into how the previous year went, by the numbers.

We believe that numbers tell a story and every number has a name,

every name has a story and every story matteres to God - and they matter

to us.

Here you will find the latest version of our Annual Report outlining what we

saw God do in 2023. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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